Monday, January 3, 2011

Coptic Christians are still open "rampage" in Egypt

Hundreds of Coptic Christians are angry, once again took to the streets in Cairo to protest the explosion at the church in Alexandria that killed 21 people.

The demonstrators, who gathered at the gate at the Cairo headquarters of the Coptic papacy on Sunday yesterday (2 / 1), hurled rocks at security forces and government officials, including throwing stones at the Egyptian minister of economic development.

Reports said that the demonstrators pursuing minister until his car and banged on the vehicle window.

The protesters also threw stones at Egyptian Muslim cleric, Sheikh Ahmad al-Tayyib. The protesters, mostly youths, dispersed by riot police with tear gas to them.

Nearly 100 others were also wounded in the attack which came at New Year's Mass had just ended on Saturday night and caused some people to leave the church building.

The attack sparked angry street protests in the Mediterranean port city among Christians, who accused the government of not doing enough to protect minority groups who are responsible for 10 percent of the total Egyptian population of 80 million.

Egypt said they had arrested 17 people in connection with the attack.

President Hosni Mubarak on Saturday blamed the "foreign hand" for the deadly attack and promised to stand against terrorist acts and urged unity between Muslims and Christians.

Earlier, Pope Benedict XVI Had Called on-the-world nations to defend the Christians.

Earlier, Pope Benedict XVI has called on countries of the world to defend the Christians.

Pope's statement was highly criticized by Sheikh al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmad al-Tayyib as "interference in internal affairs is not acceptable in Egypt." sumber


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